Do you know a young person between the ages of 16 – 18 who would love to go overseas.
This is what the Rotary Youth Exchange programme can offer our young people.   They leave NZ in January for 12 months and live with 3 or 4 host families where they become immersed in the local language, culture, school and general life.  It is life changing.  It is special.  It creates lifetime memories.
Get on the phone to your young person and ask them the question…. “How would you like to live in Europe for a year?”….
Then, if they’re keen, talk to your Rotary Club President to get support to sponsor them and Mandi Bates our District RYE Outbound Coordinator for an application form –
or visit our website.  Sponsoring an Outbound Student doesn’t cost the club much – pay for some meals when they come to address your club and gift them some much needed trinket badges, and provide a home mentor of the same sex.
Sounds easy? – well it is.  The hard part is picking up the phone to talk to your young person.
If you wish Rotary Club of Wellington North to sponsor your young person please fill in the Contact form below.