PHF Citation by Brian Poole at Change-over 2nd July 2015

Michael Gorman

Michael joined Wellington North in 2001 and over those 14 years has provided immeasurable input into various Club activities including being a Board member for several years. His wisdom, energy and imaginative and unique management style coupled with an infectious sense of humour has endeared him to members.

He is a gifted listener and facilitator and has an ability to quickly comprehend the big picture. His process skills have often been called upon by the Club which have proved invaluable in a number of challenging situations. He has freely and willingly provided these skills to others in a time of need.

He is a family man, a frequent international traveller and a lover of sport. He came to New Zealand in his profession to give management advice and soon realised the best advice would be to himself, to marry the lovely young nurse he met not long after arriving. So he got off to the best start possible and together they produced 4 children and now there are 6 grandchildren.

I would ask Club Rotarian Michael Gorman to please come forward and receive his Paul Harris medallion and badge

2nd July 2015