Rotary Club of Wellington North Incorporated

Founded 18 November 1965
Incorporated 30 May 2007

Charter Members: Jack Ayers, Alan Baird, Fred Brooker, Donald Budge, Tom Clendon, Lewis Cornish, Noel Dalley, Paddy Delaney, Cliff Dowling, Brownie Finch, Tom Fox, Ray Gibbs, Martin Glew, Ron Harrison, A G Hunter, Peter Hyams, Edward Ingham-Hoult, Pat Levins, Ernie Matthews, Paddy Mills. Michael Moss, Donald Munro, Tom Purvis, Bill Sommerville, Ian Symington, Clive Wall

Since our foundation, Club Presidents and District Governors from the Club have been:

Year Presidents District Governor
1965-67 Ron Harrison
1967-68 G W Finch
1968-69 F J Brooker
1969-70 J C Stone
1970-71 E G Mills
1971-72 W M Sommerville
1972-73 A L Andrews
1973-74 Paddy Delaney
1974-75 J R Bentley
1975-76 Wallace Bell
1976-77 Nigel Stace
1977-78 Peter Gibbons
1978-79 Jim Lawrence
1979-80 Charles Hudson
1980-81 Phil Henley
1981-82 John Arrell
1982-83 Ross George
1983-84 Bob Norman
1984-85 Ron Potts
1985-86 Denys Pinfold
1986-87 David Sims
1987-88 Morris Robertson Ross George
1988-89 Bernard Darby
1989-90 Ian Hercus
1990-91 Clyde Stewart
1991-92 Peter Spearman
1992-93 Roger Pearce
1993-94 Rick Lowe
1994-95 Errol Millar
1995-96 Tony Fryer
1996-97 David King
1997-98 Ken Boyden
1998-99 Rory O’Connor
1999-2000 John Simpson
2000-01 Laury Sinclair Morris Robertson
2001-02 Alan Lawton
2002-03 Margaret Emerre
2003-04 Henry Davies
2004-05 Chris Tempest
2005-06 Dermot Byrne
2006-07 Adrian Ellingham
2007-08 Brian Poole
2008-09 Jeremy Spanjaard Tony Fryer
2009-10 John Young
2010-11 Miles Middlemass
2011-12 Maurice Manttan
2012-13 Ross Barrett
2013-14 Lionel Nunns
2014-15  John Mohi
2015-16  Graeme Waters
2016-17 David Bennett
2017-18 Ross Foubister

The following Paul Harris Fellowships have been awarded:

Those marked with* are not Rotary members but are awarded the Fellowship as Community Awards for their contribution to the Community.

Year Paul Harris Fellows
1985-86 Paddy Mills
1986-87 Ross George
1987-88 Wallace Bell, Phil Henley, Nigel Stace
1991-92 Peter Gibbons, Quentin Angus
1992-93 Ron Potts, Alan Fraser
1993-94 Ray Pethig
1994-95 Evan McCalman
1995-96 David Pickering
1996-97 Morris Robertson, Ian Hercus
1997-98 Denys Pinfold
1998-99 Peter Spearman, Tony Fryer
2000-01 Jean George*, Ken Boyden
2001-02 Margaret Robertson*, David King
2002-03 Rory O’Connor
2003-04 Rick Lowe
2004-05 Alan Lawton, Laury Sinclair
2005-06 Russell Hurst
2006-07 Warwick Bell, Ross Foubister
2007-08 John Simpson, Tom Riddell
2008-09 Margaret Emerre
2009-2010 Ian Hercus (Saphire Pin)
2010-11 Ray Turner, Francis Small,Brad McAneney
2011-12 Jeremy Spanjaard? Chris Tempest, Dermot Byrne
2012-13 Beth Pethig*, Dave Bennett, Brian Poole.
2013-14 Lynette Brown*, Ross Barrett, Maurice Scott
2014-15 Adrian Ellingham, Michael Gorman,  Alan Fraser (Sapphire Star), Jeremy Spanjaard (Sapphire Star), Tony Fryer (second Sapphire Star), Jan Jones*