Principal St Mary’s School Foxton


“We have had the great privilege of being part of the Healthy Hero programme for the past three years. This is an easy to implement programme which has a significant, positive impact on the lives and actions of not only our students, but their whanau and friends also.


“Our students are highly motivated to participate, with an impressive 85% of students choosing to be a healthy hero. This large involvement ensures a great ‘community feel’ to the programme with all members supporting and encouraging one another….Students feel motivated and engaged, leading to positive success and the feeling of pride for all.


“The programme is not a big undertaking for either students, families or the school. It is merely an enhancement of current practices. The holistic nature of the programme encourages an increased awareness of healthy choices during the 9 week programme, and allows families the chance to work together to improve within these.

Parents are particularly delighted that they have less grumbles about agreed bedtimes, less issues with completing homework and they even manage to have more help about the house.


“Students are reporting back about how parents are allowing them to participate more within the home, and many of our families are now walking to school together each day.

Our students are very excited about the increased ‘quality’ time that they are getting with parents and whanau (bike riding, playing cards and board games, cooking, reading, helping, etc) – a definite benefit for all!


“As a school, we are able to integrate healthy hero concepts into areas of our school curriculum, and align all current learning to the programme.


“The positive difference you are making to the lives of the St Mary’s community is invaluable, significant and life-long – we thank you!”