To create a news entry on front page left.

This is a typical News entry in front page widget space home  left. It is intended to be a lead to the Bulletin using the speaker topic to spark interest. Use this page to compile the news entry.

  1.  Open a new post and write the articl as a Post.  Format font and colours as you want.
  2. creat a link to the ‘Recent Bulletin’
  3. Copy the post.
  4. Go to edit home page.  The left text box contains sub text boxes. Hover at the top of the top sub text box and three icons will appear. click on the middle which is the Clone icon. This will insert a new text box.
  5. Click on the edit icon (pencil) and delete the text. Copy in the new text from the post.  It should all look good and the link operate.
  6. writing as a Post first is easier to format than the limited formatting allowed in text box. It also stores a sequence that is retained and searcheable in Posts

To use the Avada contact form.

1.Creat a new page and call it what you want.

2.On the right hand side a normal page format is ‘Default’ .  Click and select ‘Contact’ on the drop down menu.  You won’t see any change to the page but it will have inserted a contact form. There is room on the page to write what you like to encourage people to fill in the contact form.

3This page can be linked from any page but in footers or text boxes on the home page there is a trick as there is no link facilities in those spaces.  the trick is to create the link in a normal page. (I use bob cheat page for this.)  Then copy the link From the TEXT not the Visual into the space you want.

Latest Bulletin

Recent Bulletin

Bulletin 5 June


Bulletin 19 June[/fusion_text]

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If you would like to get more information or would like to get more involved with Wellington North Rotary , contact…</br>

Stephen Spence</br>
Rotary Club of Wellington North Inc</br>
PO Box 22368</br>
Wellington 6441</br>
Phone 04 803 8099</br>
Or Click here to send us an email

Click here to send us an email

Or down load from Google Docs. Click here.

For consistant appearance throughout the website it is suggested that the following fonts, colous and styles are used.

Headings: will be Heading 2

colour  Magenta  #ff00ff

Text:is paragraph

Background colours


The 4 Way test

Of things we say or do.

  1. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  3. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?
  4.  Is It the TRUTH?