Alan McMaster.

Alan was avarded a PHF in a private ceremony proir to 2015 Changover.  The following information was provided by Alan in 2014.

Year you joined Wellington North:   1987.  Introduced by Francis Small.

Classification you held on joining.  Engineering/Mechanical

I am a practicing as a professional Mechanical Engineer on the inspection, design and certification for critical structural components on heavy road transport trucks and trailers.

I work for the Institution of Professional Engineers NZ and I carry out competency assessments for Chartered Professional Engineers.

I also work for the Transport Accident Investigation Commission and I carry out reviews of Investigators Reports on rail incidents when required and report to the Commissioners

Family details.  Alyce and I have now had 49 years of married bliss and it all seems like yesterday. We have 3 great adult children, 2 of which are in Sydney and the other one is here in Wellington. Between them all they have produced 7 absolutely stunning Grandchildren. We see them all on a regular basis, more especially those in Wellington.